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Increase business exposure to fitness, health and wellness clients. Brand sponsorship allows you to increase awareness of products and services in a targeted atmosphere of fun. Increase exposure and brand awareness via targeted ad placements, videos, banners and sponsors page with direct access to your company’s web page.  Connect with targeted customers and create brand loyalty.  We offer online and in person event sponsorships.  Event Sponsoring Increases revenue, reaches more customers, growing brand and provides positive PR.

About Social Gym Club

Our Sponsorship program allows our partners the opportunity to connect with members throughout the year, share their products and services and show their support for the fitness, health and wellness industry.  Here are our top 6 advantages of sponsorship in marketing.

#1 Increased Brand Awareness

The benefit of sponsorship marketing is developing and expanding your brand awareness among potential customers. Increase exposure by showcasing logo and brand in front of potential new customers on the main page, in emails, on our website sign-in, and throughout the virtual and in person event space.

#2 Connect with Customers

Sponsors can directly interact and engage with potential customers. Whether it is online or in person, you can answer questions, give guidance, and share about your products and or services. Connection is instant because your company is a part of something important to the customer which leaves a positive impression.

#3 Grow Social Media Following

Sponsoring an event is one of the best strategies at the price because it gives you a great opportunity to generate a lot of interest on social media.  It’s a perfect opportunity to make tons of posts, create your own branded event hashtag.

#4 Backlink Opportunity

Our website sponsorship page and events gives sponsors a spot to show their logo with a hyperlink to the sponsor’s business website.  Backlinks are great for SEO marketing campaigns and search engines inquiries.

#5 High ROI + Low Cost

You can pick sponsorship opportunities at a price point that fits your marketing budget. With the lower cost, it is a lot easier to get a good return on your investment for the marketing efforts. With all of the sponsorships you can try, it’s easy to plan a campaign that fits your ultimate goals.

#6 Fun Virtual Networking  

Access to fun interactive ways to mix and mingle, host private breakfasts & lunches, one-on-one meetings, cocktail parties, giveaways and games to engage with prospects and keep your brand on their minds!

Who Sponsor our Social Gym Club?

Smart decision makers who recognize the value of gaining access to loyal customers and have connections to those who are looking for their company’s products and services.

Sponsorship with Social Gym Club is an excellent opportunity to introduce and connect your company’s services or products with like minded fitness enthusiasts on an online platform designed to optimize relationship-building, connection, intimacy, fitness, health and wellness. Not sure which level is right for you or have general questions? Please contact our Account Execute via email [email protected].

Ready to grow your Influence, Connections and Exposure?

Complete this registration form and click Submit. You may use the quick pay link to submit the payment.  An invoice will be generated once the payment is processed.  Thank you for supporting Social Gym Club


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