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Knock out your health and lifestyle goals, get fit, stay active and create life-long connections worldwide.

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In the world of swiping right or left, algorithms, likes, followers, and hashtags; nothing fills the heart like human connections.

We are thrilled that you have taken action to get fit, have fun, and socialize. Our club is created to give individuals with a commitment to living life to the fullest, with extraordinary love, laughter, and heart-filling joy an opportunity to create meaningful connections worldwide in the comfort of their own home virtually and at live face-to-face events.

Get Fit, Get Sexy & Make New Friends

Social Gym Club is for You regardless of where you are starting. Whether you are home looking to connect and create new friendships, a busy professional eager to incorporate workouts in your schedule, new mom ready to transform your body, couples ecstatic to build intimacy, fitness lover looking for a health coach or pro trainer, a celebrity looking for a quick workout or exclusive session, or simply just new to the health and fitness world and ready to get sexy, You, can benefit from becoming a member of our club.

It’s time for Your “me time” Your investment in Yourself is Your best investment!

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Virtual Workouts

Not ready to connect in-person? We’ve got you covered. Our virtual Health and Fitness Classes are for you. Jump up and get started. Join us. Create life-long connections with others in various locations. We are committed to providing our members access to worldwide connections.

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About Social Gym Club

Feeling connected is a basic human need. Our club is created to fit the busy lifestyle of individuals seeking work life balance with the desire to incorporate fun, play and physical fitness activities in their life while creating meaningful connections with like-minded individuals world-wide.

“If you only could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.” -Fred Rogers

Our Mission

Social Gym Club is the best fitness social club for extraordinary active individuals that desires to stay fit, be active and engage with people all around the world.

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